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12" HD Stage Truss Parts

The high-strength truss components featured here provide the basics for constructing or expanding an existing mid-range truss system for stage lighting, signage or the attachment of other items used in stage presentations. This includes monitors, sound systems, shelving, etc. These 12" truss components are quick and simple to construct, and they add a clean, classy and custom look to any stage presentation. They can also be employed for a wide variety of functions, from entertainment venues to trade show displays and more.

These particular units come in three specific configurations: 12-inch Ladder, Triangle and Box truss parts. This equates to what are called Duo (2-tube), Trio (3-tube) and Quatro (4-tube) straight sections, each connected with their own Duo, Trio and Quatro base plates and junction pieces. All of these are held together using a full complement of CNC-machined hardware connectors. You'll find no finer lighting truss system components anywhere else!

Duo (Ladder) Truss
Trio (Triangle) Truss
Quatro (Box) Truss