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Stage Trusses carries a wide range of Stage Truss for every environment.

Here is the low down on what truss might be suitable for your next staging event.

M222 (Small) Truss: For small stages, M222 Box, Tri or I-beam truss to carry lights, scenery or more on shorter spans is ideal. Up to 20' spans are possible, depending on total load. M222 stage truss is surprisingly structural, offering great loading and spanning characteristics in an inexpensive and small product! Measuring just under 9" overall width, this small truss offers a mighty punch.

M290 (Medium) Truss: For stage use, this truss offers longer spans and greater loading capability. Perfect for use with a raised stage that requires more lighting, moving heads, speakers and other accessories. Also available in box, triangle or ladder, M290 is available in medium and heavy duty f
ormats and can be curved. Stage a perfect event using this versatile 12" truss!

M390 (Large) Truss: For those seeking a slightly larger format, this 15" truss is available for bigger stages or a stage requiring more loading capability. Also great for instances where a larger truss is desired for aesthetic purposes. This big truss is available in square, tri, and I-beam format. Stage truss with looks, strength and versatility!

Milos also carries a wide range of rigging tower systems, providing secure lifting solutions for many applications. The traditional vertical towers of their MT1 and MT2 , MT3 systems are an icon of strength and stability, and can be an integral part of your exhibition stand. Most recently, the range of their towers has been expanded with the introduction of dedicated P/A towers with their MRT1 and MRT2 systems ideal for any live outdoor event. Pair them with their xStage modular stage systems in order to create the ultimate outdoor performance venue for staging events of virtually any size, no matter how small or large. Every rigging tower is constructed using their QuickTruss conical connectors for an extremely safe, simple, and secure assembly. To help you create the ultimate exhibition stands for your events, each rigging and PA tower is designed for use with all QuickTruss portable stage systems. Rigging towers are also necessities for use with their temporary roofing systems. Available in your choice of sizes, their tower and accompanying exhibition gantry will be compatible with their existing QuickTruss system. Exact heights can be met, and loads are efficiently raised to the required height using either hand-winch or electric hoist (optional with some models).