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M390K/M390L Straights, Junctions & Base Plates

Milos M390K/M390L 16" truss components are similar versions of the M290 series components, utilizing the same easy-to-use, CNC-machined conical connectors, clips and pins. As with other Milos lighting truss units, these 16-inch aluminum truss parts come in three configurations: double-tube ladders, called Duos, triple-tube triangles called Trios and a quad-tube configuration called Quatros. The Duo, Quatro and Trio M390K/M390L straights, junctions and base plates featured here can all be used to either construct a new stage or booth truss system or to extend or modify an already existing setup.

All necessary connectors and parts for hanging various component accessories such as lights, speakers, monitors, shelves, etc., are also available here at These truss components are lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable, and able to achieve a remarkable weight-to-load bearing capacity. They're attractive and add a note of distinction to any display.

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Duo (Ladder) Truss
Trio (Triangle) Truss
Quatro (Box) Truss