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M290B 12 Aluminum Truss Components

A somewhat larger version of the 9" M222 Series, these 12" Milos QuickTruss M290B truss parts are a slightly larger, stronger mid-range setup for constructing a lighting truss suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. They consist of similar options for 12-inch ladder, triangle and box truss components, alternatively known as the duo, trio and quatro. The strong yet lightweight aluminum composition has an unusually high load capacity, and the corner junctions and base plates provide a durable and attractive structure for your trade show or other staging needs.

These M290B 12" aluminum truss components come standard in their natural, smooth-milled silver-aluminum color but may also be ordered in your choice of several powder-coated colors and finishes. The unique conical connectors, R-clips and tapered pins make assembly and disassembly a snap. These trusses are ideal for small or large applications and provide an attractive touch.

Duo (Ladder) Truss
Trio (Triangle) Truss
Quatro (Box) Truss