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9" Display Truss Components

Although compact and lightweight, the weight loading capacity of these 9" Truss parts is impressive and unsurpassed in the industry. These nearly 9" display components come in three standard configurations – the two-rail Duo, called the ladder truss, the three-rail Trio, or triangle truss, and the four-rail Quatro, also called the box truss. They all utilize strong, simple R-clips, tapered pins and conical connectors used in conjunction with the CNC-machined receivers. Strong and light aluminum construction of these 9" lighting truss parts is offered in a natural silver, mill-finished color or can be powder coated to a variety of other colors and finishes.

Corresponding corner junction pieces and base plates all work together to produce beautiful, eye-catching structures that are simple and easy to assemble and break down. They’re also affordable to transport from one tradeshow venue to the next because of their compact and lightweight nature. These Milos brand units are worth every penny!

Duo (Ladder) Truss
Trio (Triangle) Truss
Quatro (Box) Truss